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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - Why You're Not Losing Fat

    Why You're Not Losing Fat


    Eating clean but not in a calorie deficit
    This is a common problem. Many people think all they have to do is eat healthy food and they will lose weight. This is simply not the case. Research has proven you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. You can do that with clean foods or less healthy foods. Of course, you should strive to make most of your diet healthy, but it’s not required for fat loss.
    Weekend binge eating and drinking
    I also see this all of the time with my clients. They can do very well during the week, but then they let it all go on the weekend. You can absolutely ruin a good deficit you’ve created during the week by overeating on the ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - How to Enjoy the Gym

    How to Enjoy the Gym

    We all struggle with actually enjoying the gym at times. Let’s face it – working out is tough on the body physically. No one goes to have a great time. Through the years, I’ve found ways for both myself and clients to enjoy the gym a bit more. I hope this list helps you as much as it has helped my clients: 1. Make Your Program Fit Your Lifestyle, Not Vice Versa 2. Set Short Term and Long Term Goals 3. Workout with Your Partner/Spouse/Friend 4. Track Your Workouts 5. Track Your Progress (Bodyweight, Measurements, Pics) 6. Bring Headphones 7. Include Exercises You Enjoy as Well as Exercises that Challenge You 8. Set it as an Appointment in Your Calendar 9. Workout ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - 3 Options to Lose Fat

    3 Options to Lose Fat

    Of course, there are other options to lose fat. You can do nothing, you can do just strength training or just cardio. You *could* also get liposuction. You could also order one of those vintage fat jiggling belts if you want. None of those options are covered in this post, however. Hopefully, you understand at this point diet is the main driver of fat loss – it should be your main priority to lose fat. It’s where you will focus on creating a calorie deficit – the most important factor in fat loss. That being said, if ALL you do is focus on diet and a calorie deficit, you’ll find it tough to maintain your fat loss. Moreover, most of you out there who want to lose ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

    Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

    I love intermittent fasting. For a lot of people, it is a great strategy for fat loss. The beauty lies in its simplicity and practicality. Here’s how it works: 1. Wake up, fast until noon (drink black coffee, tea or water) 2. Eat a low carb lunch with protein (spinach salad with chicken/hard-boiled eggs,etc.) 3. Eat dinner as you normally would. 4. Don’t consume calories for 16 hours (noon next day) Now, you can definitely push your lunch back if you prefer eating later at night. The key is to make sure you are fasting for 16 hours. You definitely *can* fast shorter or longer but 16 hours is a great spot to start. The reason it works? By having a ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - How to Lose Weight

    How to Lose Weight

    I guess we’ll call this my flagship post, because it will contain pretty much everything you need to know about how to lose weight. I’m going to break it down like this: we’ll start with the most important factor for weight loss, and then we’ll go down the line of other factors that play a role. Sort of like a hierarchy of weight loss, if you will. So, let’s get started. 1. Calorie Deficit
    A calorie deficit is the most important factor to lose weight. But what is a calorie deficit? A calorie deficit is simply burning more calories than you consume.
    It’s pretty obvious (hopefully) the calories you consume are simply what you eat on a daily basis. ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - Workout Faster to Melt Fat

    Workout Faster to Melt Fat

    Sometimes getting to the gym, working out and driving back home can seem to take FOREVER! Ugh! Well, I’m here today to help make your workout more efficient. You don’t need more than 30-40 minutes to workout, honestly. If you’re taking longer, I hope you’re a bodybuilder or have LOTS of free time. If your goal is fat loss, shorter rest periods will serve you well. First off, plan your workouts at least the day before you go to the gym. This will save you loads of time. The last person you want to be is the gym nomad who just does 1 set of every machine. Doh! Bring that stopwatch and time your rest periods! Ladies, you don’t need more than 30-60 ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - Muscle Building Cardio

    Muscle Building Cardio

    It’s true. You can get your cardio in while you build muscle. My own personal dream come true, actually. The best way to do this – hit up some sprints a few times per week. Now, mind you, if you aren’t yet sprinting, please don’t go outside right now into a full sprint. You’ll need a dynamic warm up (see my post from last week) and you’ll want to do a few sprints at 50/60/70% before you go all out. Rest periods should be short to elicit a cardio effect and you don’t need longer than 15-20 minutes total. Sprints will hit your hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves and abs. Farmer’s walks are one of my favorite exercises because of how many ....

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  • Personal Training in River North - Kurt Rawlins Fitness - How to Get a Sexy Back

    How to Get a Sexy Back

    Who doesn’t love a great back? Unfortunately, at least for a lot of dudes, they’re more focused on the beach muscles – the chest and the biceps. What a lot of you may not realize is bigger, stronger back will actually make your chest look bigger and better AND keep your shoulders healthier for your pressing exercises. Ladies? When you wear a strapless dress you want to rock that confidence with a great back, am I right? Here’s how to do it: 1. Make sure you deadlift in some way, It will work your traps, lats and low back like no other exercise. Honestly – it doesn’t matter what type of deadlift you do. Pick the variation(s) that works for you and go ....

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