How to Enjoy the Gym

How to Enjoy the Gym

We all struggle with actually enjoying the gym at times.

Let’s face it – working out is tough on the body physically. No one goes to have a great time.

Through the years, I’ve found ways for both myself and clients to enjoy the gym a bit more.

I hope this list helps you as much as it has helped my clients:

1. Make Your Program Fit Your Lifestyle, Not Vice Versa

2. Set Short Term and Long Term Goals

3. Workout with Your Partner/Spouse/Friend

4. Track Your Workouts

5. Track Your Progress (Bodyweight, Measurements, Pics)

6. Bring Headphones

7. Include Exercises You Enjoy as Well as Exercises that Challenge You

8. Set it as an Appointment in Your Calendar

9. Workout at the Same Time and Days Each Week

10. Push Yourself to Progress in Some Way Each Workout

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