3 Options to Lose Fat

3 Options to Lose Fat

Of course, there are other options to lose fat. You can do nothing, you can do just strength training or just cardio. You *could* also get liposuction. You could also order one of those vintage fat jiggling belts if you want.

None of those options are covered in this post, however.

Hopefully, you understand at this point diet is the main driver of fat loss – it should be your main priority to lose fat. It’s where you will focus on creating a calorie deficit – the most important factor in fat loss.

That being said, if ALL you do is focus on diet and a calorie deficit, you’ll find it tough to maintain your fat loss. Moreover, most of you out there who want to lose fat want to do so to feel better about your bodies – and that includes seeing better muscle tone and definition. Diet alone can’t achieve those ends for you.

A better option is combining diet with a sound strength training regimen. With this option, you’ll be able to create a larger deficit through the calories burned in your workouts. What’s more important, however, is the aforementioned muscle tone and definition you’ll achieve. To boot, the added muscle will increase metabolism and help you maintain your weight loss.

The best option lies on the right – combining diet with strength training and a cardio routine. This combination will allow you to create the largest calorie deficit. Adding in cardio will help burn extra calories and improve your cardiovascular health and fitness – which will in turn allow you to workout at a greater intensity in your strength training sessions.

Prioritize your diet first, and add in strength training as your 2nd priority. If you have time, definitely consider adding in cardio to burn extra calories.

Hope these tips help in your quest to achieve your best body.

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