Muscle Building Cardio

Muscle Building Cardio

It’s true. You can get your cardio in while you build muscle. My own personal dream come true, actually.

The best way to do this – hit up some sprints a few times per week. Now, mind you, if you aren’t yet sprinting, please don’t go outside right now into a full sprint.

You’ll need a dynamic warm up (see my post from last week) and you’ll want to do a few sprints at 50/60/70% before you go all out. Rest periods should be short to elicit a cardio effect and you don’t need longer than 15-20 minutes total. Sprints will hit your hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves and abs.

Farmer’s walks are one of my favorite exercises because of how many muscles you stimulate carrying a heavy weight (see traps, lats, forearms, abs, glutes). But you can also combine farmer’s walk with a push up variation and short rest periods to get a great cardio workout. I like doing these as a “finisher” to a strength workout and limiting it to 10-15 minutes. Trust me that’s all you’ll need.

I’ve never seen more definition and muscle in my quads than when i was consistently doing 140 goblet squats in 11-12 minutes and combining them with pull ups and short rest periods. Goblet squats lend themselves well to higher reps because you simply cannot go too heavy. Combining them with a non-competing exercise like a pull up or suspension strap row works well. Again, keep your rest periods short to get that cardio effect and use them as a finisher to a strength workout. You’d have the option to use this as a “stand alone” workout but in that case I’d go 15-20 minutes total.

So yeah, not a fan of traditional cardio, lol. In fact I can’t remember the last time I was on a treadmill (there’s nothing wrong with traditional cardio if you enjoy it, just my preference).

What’s your favorite type of cardio?

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