How to Get a Sexy Back

How to Get a Sexy Back

Who doesn’t love a great back? Unfortunately, at least for a lot of dudes, they’re more focused on the beach muscles – the chest and the biceps.

What a lot of you may not realize is bigger, stronger back will actually make your chest look bigger and better AND keep your shoulders healthier for your pressing exercises.

Ladies? When you wear a strapless dress you want to rock that confidence with a great back, am I right? Here’s how to do it:

1. Make sure you deadlift in some way, It will work your traps, lats and low back like no other exercise. Honestly – it doesn’t matter what type of deadlift you do. Pick the variation(s) that works for you and go with it.

2. Include variations of both vertical and horizontal pulling. Overhead or vertical pulls like lat pulldowns and pull ups tend to hit more upper back while horizontal pulls like rows hit more mid back.

3. Utilize all grip variations in your training to maximize muscle development of the back. This will include overhand, underhand and neutral (palms facing each other). Simply changing your grip will hit different areas of the back and arms.

4. Lastly, but certainly not least, warm up with a few key postural exercises for the upper back and rotator cuff. This will improve your posture, safeguard your shoulders and give you great muscle definition in the upper back.

Hope these tips help!

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