3 Different Methods to Lose Fat

3 Different Methods to Lose Fat

Today I want to go over 3 hypothetical clients all based on my past and current experiences with clients.

You see – there’s something really popular going around on Instagram and social media right now with weight loss and fat loss.

It’s the notion that you must count calories and track macros to lose weight.

And honestly – I don’t think this could be further from the truth.

While tracking calories is probably the best way to ensure you’ll lose fat, there are certainly other ways to go about it, which you’ll see below:

CLIENT: 33 years old, married w/2 kids; works in sales, has regular late-night dinners with drinks.

This client is practicing intermittent fasting based on her busy personal and work life. She skips breakfast to save some calories, and backloads her calories for dinners and a drink or two most nights. She is losing fat with this method, and she doesn’t have to count calories.

CLIENT: 27 years old, single; willing to be more meticulous and precise with tracking.

This client is counting calories and tracking macros is losing fat because he is taking the guesswork out of his diet.

CLIENT: 46 years old; yo yo dieted for years, now paying more attention to hunger cues.

This client is losing fat with one simple habit: paying attention to hunger signals. She is starting to eat more slowly, and pays attention to when she is satisfied but not full or stuffed. This has helped her drop body fat.

So, as you can see, you can get there in multiple ways.

I prefer to meet clients in the middle. If I tell you to track your calories and macros, and you don’t do it, should I just keep insisting you do it?

That seems a bit silly. Start SIMPLE.

I hope this helps you today :).

If you have questions or comment, please don’t hesitate to reply and leave me a note.

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