7 Keys to Burn Fat

7 Keys to Burn Fat

1. Create a Caloric Deficit

This is the most important part of burning body fat. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. For most people, taking your bodyweight in pounds and multiplying it by 10-12 is a good starting point for sustainable weight loss. Of course, it all depends on your activity levels.

2. Full Body Strength Training

Training your entire body each time you step foot in the gym will engage the most muscle groups and burn more calories than other training protocols. Shoot for 3 sessions per week using compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses, rows and pull-ups.

3. Supplementary Conditioning

A lot of folks will prioritize cardio when trying to lose fat, but in reality it should be supplementary to weight training. If you have time, use interval training 1-2x/week and incline treadmill walking as needed.

4. Sleep 7-9 Hours; in Bed by 10:30

Proper sleep helps you recover from training sessions as well as control your appetite and stress. There have been plenty of studies showing the link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Prioritize it!

5. Eat Protein and Vegetables at Every Meal

Protein and vegetables should be a staple of a fat loss diet. Aim for 1g/lb. of bodyweight with protein. This combination will help fill you up, rebuild muscle, and provide the vital nutrients your body needs to operate at the highest level.

6. Optimal Stress Levels

By optimal, I mean you should have some stress in your life. If you didn’t, you’d be bored out of your mind! At the same time, you don’t want to have so much stress you cannot manage it. Make sure you are being challenged on a daily basis, but at the same time prioritize rest and relaxation whenever possible. Overly stressed individuals will have trouble sleeping and their appetite will increase.

7. Relentless Effort

Fat loss takes time. There is no way around it! You need to be willing to put in the time and effort over the long term to see the results you want. There will be peaks and valleys along the way, and you must have the discipline not to get too up or down during the good and the tough times.

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