24 Hour Fast to Lose Fat

24 Hour Fast to Lose Fat

I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting.

The practicality, as well as the effectiveness, make it very appealing.

I typically like the 16 hour eating period with an 8 hour fasting period, but there are other ways to fast, including a 24 hour fast.

With the 24 hour option, you pick 1-2 days per week where you don’t eat for 24 hours. This means if you finish dinner at 8 pm Saturday, you consume 0 calories until 8 pm Sunday.

I don’t recommend the 24 hour fast if you plan on working out that day, FYI. Anyways, your calories on Sunday will be very low – around 500 – because you will only eat 1 meal. Try to keep it moderate, and not a massive free for all.

If you stay within a slight caloric deficit Mon-Thurs, you now have 650 extra calories to use on Saturday and Sunday – which is a huge mental break for people dieting. You can enjoy some foods you love that aren’t super healthy, and you’ll still be on track with your weight loss or fat loss goals.

If weekly total calories are in check – you’re fine even when you are in a decent surplus for 2 days.

Send this to a friend who’s dieting every day and see if this option might work for him or her!

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