How Protein Helps You Lose Fat

How Protein Helps You Lose Fat

Most of my female clients don’t consume enough protein. There are several reasons for this (convenience, lack of knowledge, taste), but I often find there’s a myth that once they start lifting weights, if they eat a lot of protein, they’re going to get huge. The average person has a good understanding of the correlation between protein and building and repairing muscle.

What a lot of folks miss is the direct correlation between protein and fat loss.

Yes added muscle will help stoke your metabolism, for sure. But protein also increases the thermic effect of feeding more than carbs and fats. This means you burn more calories digesting protein. That adds up in the long run.

Protein is also filling – it curbs your appetite. I’ve seen a lot of people eat an entire bag of chips or a box of crackers. Next time you see someone eat a bag full of chicken or steak, let me know. Love to see that.

When you have to chew up some meat, it’s going to SLOOOOW you down. You’re going to eat slower and get full faster. This prevents consuming excess calories.

As a general rule, aim for 1 gram of protein per lb. of bodyweight per day. Don’t be afraid of consuming meat and eggs as these are the best sources of complete protein (they contain essential amino acids your body cannot produce).

Hope this helps – get some more protein any way you can – including non meat sources and protein shakes.

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