What to Do If You Overeat

What to Do If You Overeat

So, you overate this weekend, huh?

A lot of people engage in negative self-talk after a binge, and it’s a bad habit. “I’m so fat.” “I can’t believe I ate that much I’m a pig.”

However trivial these thoughts may seem – they will most certainly affect your self-esteem and self-worth. Do NOT beat up yourself after one night of bad eating.

Understand this may happen occasionally, and it’s simply part of the process of losing weight or dropping body fat for you. It doesn’t define you, and as long as it’s not what you do all of the time, it’s all good.

What you CAN change is what you do TODAY. Don’t continue the cycle. Get right back on board with your health!

Go for a long walk, or hit a short, intense workout.

Avoid punishing yourself with a sweaty 90 minute cardio session on the stairstepper.

Get back to your regular meals – whatever that means for you. It could be 3 square meals, 6 small meals, Paleo, IIFYM. Doesn’t matter. Just get back to your routine!

I promise – you’ll be OK in the long run as long as you don’t let overeating spin out of control.

You got this.

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