Consistency Trumps Perfection

Consistency Trumps Perfection

Often times when I take on a new client, she’s tried several times on her own to get fit, lean and healthy.

And while she may have had success on her own, obviously it didn’t stick (which is why she’s come to me).

Take Susan, for example.

She’d tried several diets.

She’d done Whole 30, given up sugar for a month, done Paleo, Low Carb, you name it.

The problem is – she could never stick with any of these because she was trying to be PERFECT.

No grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, no processed foods.

How many people can do that forever?

Not many that I know.

And when you do slip up (because you inevitably will), what do you do?

You tell yourself, “Screw it, I can’t keep this up I’ll just go back to what I was doing.”

And the cycle continues.

I try to get my clients to stop this cycle and find a program that gets on them on the right track not only with nutrition but training as well.

A flexible approach – where you are allowed to eat the foods you enjoy on occasion – along with a training program focused on increasing strength works wonders.

Being consistent always trumps trying to be perfect.

You’re going to fail; you’re going to slip.

And that’s OK. You need an approach that allows for you to avoid the extremes.

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