4 Ways to Tell If You're Making Progress on Your Fitness Journey

4 Ways to Tell If You're Making Progress on Your Fitness Journey

1. You’re Feeling Better

Yeah, this may seem obvious – but oftentimes we get so hung up on the scale. That evil scale that tells us our weight isn’t down, so obviously we’re not progressing.

You’ll feel better before you start to see any physical changes. You’ll have more energy, your confidence will increase, you’ll sleep better, and those nagging aches and pains start to dissipate. This is key – focus on these small victories on your journey.

2. The Way Your Clothes Fit

You may look in the mirror after 4-6 weeks of training, and say, “meh”. We’re often our own worst critics when it comes to our bodies. But clothes? They don’t lie. If you’re able to go up a belt loop or fit into that pair of pants that hasn’t fit for 2 years – that’s a clear sign of progress. Another small victory. Stack a few of these small victories and they will equal big, motivating wins for you.

3. The Way You Look in the Mirror

It always feels good when, right before you get in the shower, you see some new definition in your back or arms. That fat roll is diminishing. Your chest is tighter; your abs are more defined. The mirror never lies – and it will tell you how well you are doing. It’s a great way to assess your progress.

4. The Scale

Coming in last, we have the scale. Yes, the scale is still a measure of progress – but it falls well below the first three in this list. If weight loss and fat loss are your goal, of course you want to track your weight. That is a clear sign of progress. The problem arises when people prioritize the scale as the most important indicator of progress. Why is this a problem? Well – if you’re weight training, and you add 6 pounds of muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat, that only looks like 4 pounds on the scale. You lost 10 pounds of fat though!!! That is huge.

I hope this list opens your eyes on your journey. Do you focus on the scale too much? Comment below and let me know how you’re doing!

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