3 Tips for Better Posture

3 Tips for Better Posture

One of the first questions I ask my prospective clients is, “Do you sit at a desk for work most of the day?”

95% of the time it’s a “yes”, and that usually tells me enough.

What happens when you’re sitting most of the day? Well, a lot of the time, without even realizing it, you’ll be hunched over looking at your computer.

One day of this position? Not a big deal.

8 hours a day, 5 days a week, year after year? Yes, that will have significant effects on your posture.

The most glaring of these issues is what’s referred to as excessive kyphosis – a rounding of the upper back and spine.

So…how do you counteract all of this sitting?

1. Well, to start, make sure you’re actually paying attention to your body position when you’re sitting.

This picture is a good general representation of how you should set up your desk for optimal posture.

Even though you may start in this position, it’s pretty normal to start to slouch a little bit as the day passes. This leads to tip #2.

2. Get Up Once an Hour and Stretch or Walk for a Few Minutes

I know – it sounds pretty simple. Nothing groundbreaking here. This will just help reset your body and allow you to reset your position at your desk. Here is my favorite stretch to loosen up your mid back and hips:

Groiner with thoracic rotation

3. Include Postural Exercises for your Upper Back and Shoulder in Your Program

I like to include these at the beginning of a workout, as they are low intensity and they serve to warm up your shoulders if you have some heavy presses in your workout.

TRX Y Raise

Love this exercise because it will hit your low traps and post delts. Both of these muscles are often neglected in exercise programs.

Band Pull Apart

Great for upper back strength

Wall Slide

This is a great shoulder warm up open up the chest and shoulders.

Do you sit at work? How is your posture? Let me know below in the comments!

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