6 Random Tips to Achieve your Best Body

6 Random Tips to Achieve your Best Body

1. Be Patient

Of course, no one like to hear this, but it takes time. I’m still making progress and I’ve been training consistently for 20+ years. You’ll typically feel better before you see physical changes. You’ll typically get stronger before you add muscle. Understanding this – focus on the way you’re feeling after your workouts and increasing your weights and reps each workout.

2. Nutrition Should be Your #1 Priority

You are what you eat. Your body is a reflection of what you put inside of it. Knowing that, you can’t outtrain a bad diet. Poor food choices will add stress to your system. Adding workouts to compensate for your bad diet will add even more stress to your system. You’re setting yourself up for an eventual breakdown. Don’t do it. Eat well 80% of the time, and leave some room for some treats and drinks to keep you sane.

3. Basic Strength Training Should be #2

Never get away from doing presses, rows, squats, deadlifts and lunges. Fad workouts will come and go. Bodies have been built for years with the basics. Sure, it’s hard work, and that’s why some people avoid it. These lifts will build the most muscle and strength. They will also initiate your body to produce testosterone and growth hormone – two hormones associated with strength, muscle and fat loss.

4. Use Cardio as Supplementary

If your goal is aesthetic, then cardio work should only be supplementary. Unfortunately, a lot of people make cardio the focus of their program, and only strength train 1-2x/week. Cardio burns calories, nothing more. If you do interval training, you can ramp up your metabolism after the workout. But it won’t build muscle or change the shape of your body.

5. Manage Stress

If you’re doing all of the above, but you’re existing at a very high level of stress, you’re going to make it very hard to achieve your best body. Stress can come from work, family, money – you name it. But your workout is also a stressor too. Too much stress doesn’t allow you to recover properly from your workouts. Too much stress negatively impacts sleep. So…if you’re piling stressor upon stressor upon stressor…you’re going to burnout and/or breakdown. Your body can only handle so much. Self awareness is powerful in this case. In terms of working out, you want the minimum effective dose to achieve the results your desire. Strength training for 30-40 minutes 3x/week can do wonders. Don’t just keep adding workouts thinking more is better.

6. Align Your Goals with Your Lifestyle

Some of you might look at a picture of a woman or man in a magazine and think, “That’s what I want to look like!”

You see a perfect hourglass shape with long legs and long, slender arms.

You see ripped abs with huge arms and traps.

You may aspire to these goals, but I would ask you are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve this type of body?

Are you going to work out 5-6 days for 1-2 hours?

Are you going to eat almost perfectly and avoid alcohol completely?

These realities are simply not possible for most people. The people you see in magazines have freaky genetics and make a living looking the way they do. The way they look IS NOT NORMAL OR ACHIEVABLE FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON.

You need to aspire to achieve the best body that also allows you to live your life.

And if you want to eat pizza sometimes, have a few drinks, not workout all the time, that’s perfectly normal.

Find a workout routine and schedule that fits your life and is sustainable today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

Keep progressing in your workouts.

Eat well most of the time.

This is what 95% of people should be doing, probably including you.

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