3 Tips to Fit a Workout Into Your Crazy Ridiculous Schedule

3 Tips to Fit a Workout Into Your Crazy Ridiculous Schedule

“I just can’t seem to fit a workout into my schedule.”

I hear that one all the time! So today, let’s address it. How do achieve the results you’re seeking and still fit several workouts into your schedule each week?

1. Do the Least Amount of Work Possible to Yield the Results You Want.

Let me repeat that.

Do the least amount of work possible to yield the results you want. This goes against the grain of what a lot of coaches might tell you.

If 5 sets is good, then 8 must be great, right?

If 4 exercises is good, then I should probably try to fit in 7.

More is NOT always better. Especially if you won’t get started in the first place. That, unfortunately, is the mindset oftentimes.

Less IS more.

You don’t need more than 30 minutes 3x/week to get really good results.

No, you probably won’t look like a bikini model or a bodybuilder, and that’s OK. That’s probably not your goal if you’re reading this.

Do a press, a pull and compound lower body movement every workout. Done.

Presses include push ups, military presses, and bench presses among other exercises. Pulls include rows, pull ups and lat pull downs. Compound lower body movements include squats, deadlifts and lunges.

If you did 3-5 sets of these movements in circuit fashion 3x/week, you’d do extremely well.

2. Get Your Workout In Early

The more the day goes on, the more things come up. The more things come up, the busier you get, and the less likely you will fit your workout in.

I see it all the freakin’ time with my clients.

Plus, you’re more likely to be what Mark Fisher calls “crispy” in the morning. You’ll have more energy, both physically and mentally.

Now, I get there are morning people and night owls. Totally get it. But I’ve successfully converted night owls into morning work-outers. Cuz that’s a word.

What’s better, being a night owl who never works out or a night owl who gets his or her butt up in the morning to dominate a quick workout?

This also ties in to point #1 in that you don’t need some crazy, ridiculous workout. Make it short and attainable, and then you’ll do it.

3. Workout at Home

This probably is more for my Chicago crowd, but traveling to and from a gym can be pretty darn time consuming. When you add in travel sometimes you’re at 90 minutes – 2 hours total time investment.

No – you won’t have access to all the fancy equipment of a gym at home, but honestly you don’t need all that stuff. You need a good workout program – and you can progress quite nicely with dumbbells and a TRX (ask my online clients who have young children).

Hope these tips help you out and of course comment below if you struggle with working out and your schedule!

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