The Truth About Supplements

The Truth About Supplements

Do you take any supplements?

Do you really need them?

Well, maybe, but most supplements are unnecessary depending on your situation.

See, the word supplement implies it should be enhancing something.

If you’re relying on supplements to provide with nutrients in spite of a poor diet, then you’re on the wrong track.

What supplements am I referring to?

– Protein powder

– Multi-vitamins

– Other more specific vitamins and minerals

– Fish oil

– Detoxes

Among others.

A great example would be an iron supplement. I have had several female clients who have been deficient in iron or anemic – and of course they have been put on an iron supplement.

What’s the best source of iron? Red meat. I recommend eating red meat 1-2x/week as your body absorbs nutrients from whole foods much more effectively than from supplements.

Unfortunately, red meat has been demonized because of its high saturated fat content.

The truth is, eating red meat 1-2x/week will have a negligible effect on your body fat % but can greatly increase your body’s absorption of iron.

You can also focus on leaner portions of red meat if fat content or calories are a concern.

I do recommend most of my clients to take a protein shake once per day, but that’s because most of my clients (especially females) don’t consume enough protein.

Besides that, your focus should be on your diet – specifically centered around leafy greens and lean proteins. You can get 80-90% of your nutrition starting here and then add in other foods based on your goals and activity levels (the more active you are, the more carbs you’ll need).

I get it – eating healthy can be boring – but if you’re not in a good place with your diet right now, just focus on making one small change. It might be:

– Drinking 3 large glasses of water per day

– Cutting down from 2 Diet Cokes to 1

– Eating 1 large salad per day

– Consuming protein at every meal

– Eating vegetables at every meal

– Chugging 6 Miller High Lifes instead of 12

Once you have nailed down one of these habits 90% of the time over 2 weeks, move on to a different healthy habit.

If it feels too easy to stick to the habit, GOOD. You want to make it as easy as possible so you can almost guarantee you’ll be successful. Play the long game and you’ll see more lasting positive changes. Have any questions? Comment below and let me know :).

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