Strength Training For Fat Loss


The lack of knowledge and planning that goes into the average gym goer’s workout plan is a massive problem.

Too many women are heading to big box gyms and centering their work out around the first machines they see open, pink dumbbells and cardio.

STOP. Now. Please, of course. This will do little to help you lose fat.

You need to base your strength training plan off of compound movements in the 3-12 rep range. What are compound movements? So glad you asked:

Bench Presses
Military Presses
Push Ups
Pull Ups
Lat Pulldowns

These movements incorporate more than one muscle. The pull up, for example, will work your back, biceps, forearms and core. Compound, or multi-joint movements will build the most strength and muscle, burn the most calories and have the most significant effect on fat loss. They should be the foundation of your program.

I recommend full body strength training 3x/week. You don't need to make your session any longer than 30-40 minutes. 16-20 total sets per session with 3-5 exercises per session are great guidelines with which to start.

Focus on perfecting your form and getting stronger as you go along. You can do more weight, but it's also important to try to increase reps. You do not always have to be pushing to do more weight.

Six to eight week phases will work well for most. This simply means you design 3-4 weekly workouts and do them for six to eight weeks before changing up your program. Some people will be fine doing 10 or 12 week phases. I design my phases a bit shorter as clients tend to be psychologically ready for a new program even if physiologically they’d be fine continuing for 3-4 more weeks.

As far as cardio, it will certainly help you lose fat but it is not necessary. Three to four times per week mixing it up high intensity intervals and low intensity steady state is a good rule of thumb.

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