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Workout Faster to Melt Fat

Sometimes getting to the gym, working out and driving back home can seem to take FOREVER! Ugh! Well, I’m here today to help make your workout more efficient. You don’t need more than 30-40 minutes to workout, honestly. If you’re taking longer, I hope you’re a bodybuilder or have LOTS of free time. If your […]

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How to Get a Sexy Back

Who doesn’t love a great back? Unfortunately, at least for a lot of dudes, they’re more focused on the beach muscles – the chest and the biceps. What a lot of you may not realize is bigger, stronger back will actually make your chest look bigger and better AND keep your shoulders healthier for your […]

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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Interval Training

To my knowledge, most people are now pretty familiar with interval training, or HIIT (high intensity interval training)  If you’re not familiar, intervals are essentially a period of high intensity (sprints) interspersed with a period of low intensity (walking/resting). They are a great choice for fat loss – if you do them correctly. Say, for […]

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