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Are you tired of giving your all to a fitness program that just isn't producing real results? The fact is, it may not be a good fit for you. At Kurt Rawlins Fitness, we're offering a sustainable solution that can answer your problems once and for all. 


By helping you train with more efficiency than ever before. Our Personal Training program can customize every aspect of your fitness journey and help you see healthy, sustainable success with just THREE 30-minute sessions each week. 

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What Makes Our Personal Training Program Right For You?

Nobody wants to admit it. But the truth is, a lot of fitness programs are filled with time-killers and fluff. Because you can't really take on a great workout in less than an hour, right?


At Kurt Rawlins Fitness, we know you're busy and we know that fitness training is one of the first things you'll cut out of your routine if you're feeling pressed for time. It's human nature.

That's why our Personal Training program here in River North is built around the 30-minute workout. No wasted movements. No boring busywork.

We're helping men and women of all fitness levels:

  • Enjoy targeted training strategies built for your unique skill set
  • Rely on professional coaching and hands-on instruction every step of the way
  • Train in a private, individualized environment where your goals are the only priority
  • Map out a proven path to success and take steps forward every day 

Struggling With Motivation? Not Anymore.

That's the beauty of our Personal Training program - you're never alone.

At Kurt Rawlins Fitness, you'll work alongside one of Chicago's most accomplished personal trainers, focusing exclusively on the goals and priorities that matter most to you. 

This Personal Training system is helping men and women across River North, Near North Side, and all over Chicago:

  • Stay accountable from day one
  • Take on a dynamic mix of workouts
  • Maintain motivation like never before
  • Enjoy ongoing feedback and evaluations 

Take The First Step Today With Our Personal Training In Chicago River North! 

Don't settle for good enough. Get the most out of every workout and challenge your body like never before. Our Personal Training at Kurt Rawlins Fitness is designed to meet the needs of all skill levels and abilities.

We're helping men and women all across River North find success. You could be next.

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