Kurt Rawlins

Hey, I’m Kurt! I’m the founder of Kurt Rawlins Fitness and the originator of all our bespoke 30-Minute Training Sessions designed for your unique body type and skills, no matter if you take part in our Personal Training, Semi Private Training Sessions, or Online Training!

I got my degree in Physical Education at Illinois State University while touring with my band playing the drums.

I started out as a Personal Trainer in 2005 in my hometown of Normal, Illinois. But when I moved to Chicago in ‘06, that’s when I was really in business!

I’ve got certifications from The American College of Sports Medicine, the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

I’ve been certified to train high-level athletes, but I prefer to give my time to the folks who need it most – busy professionals over 30 who can hardly carve out any time for their fitness.

Besides drumming, I LOVE my business – I started Kurt Rawlins Fitness LLC in 2009 and train as many as 70 clients. My other loves are public speaking, writing and coaching to bring out the best in everyone.

Michael Mosqueda

Michael’s my right-hand man!

He’s got a passion for sports, fitness and tackling the mental side of getting fit. What part of you is holding you back and why? What mental barriers can we break down to reach your goals?

Fitness is both a physical and mental challenge for all of us.

Michael has a BA in Exercise Science and he’s certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He’s so passionate about helping ordinary people like you and me to reach our fitness goals and tackle our challenges head-on!

That’s why he’s a perfect companion for Kurt Rawlins Fitness!

Of course, he doesn’t just push others. He treats himself to the same positive pressure he gives his clients – always trying to reach his own goals in life and fitness, too!

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