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OK, We’re Going All Out Here On An

Online Fitness Program You’ve Never Seen Before…

I know that’s a huge claim to make, but if you didn’t know by now, here at Kurt Rawlins Fitness, we do things a little differently here.

Our incredible 30-Minute Training Sessions are made specifically for busy professionals in River North and around Chicago who need to stay fit without spending every waking hour at the gym.

You just don’t have that kind of time!

Now More Convenient Than Ever

Well, there are two camps of people I see every day:

The first is the group who, once they factor in travel to the gym and back, they won’t dedicate ANY time to their health and fitness – even though our programs are distilled down to their core elements at just 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

… So they prefer not to try, and never give their fitness another thought.

The second group are the folks who still desire to stay fit and healthy EVEN THOUGH their work schedule is all over the place, or they’re on the road, or they can’t get to the gym here in River North.

For those folks, we’ve made a powerful, unique online training program!

Designed For YOUR Body Type

This isn’t just a cookie-cutter training program like you’ve probably seen hundreds of times already – even for free on YouTube!

This is YOUR fitness program MADE FOR YOU.

Our online training program is your bespoke fitness routine designed for your unique body type and skills, just like our 1-2-1 program!

We’ve cut out all the ‘busywork’ exercises so you can take on your fitness routine in just 30-minutes, a couple of times a week, on YOUR time.

Just Like Personal Training

We’re still here to keep you accountable and motivated, too!

You’ll have access to Kurt Rawlins, one of Chicago’s most accomplished personal trainers, to make sure:

  • Your nutrition stays on point
  • You’ll stay motivated to reach your goals
  • Your routine is dynamic enough to match your improvements
  • And you’ll ONLY be doing the exercises you’ll get the best results from

This is the BEST way we could make sure you fit your fitness goals into even the busiest schedule.

We know finding the time is the hardest part, so you can now get fit on your own time with the most impactful and successful routines for you.

And you can claim your first 7 days absolutely free ONLY through this website. So find out if River North’s most unique online fitness program is right for you right now!

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Online Fitness Training

Semi Private Training

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