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Kurt Rawlins Fitness is changing the way you think about fitness training. We're putting an end to wasted movement and busywork exercises. Why? Because we're all busy people and most of us simply don't have a handful of hours to dedicate to exercise each week.

Enter the 30-minute training session. We're offering you individualized fitness programs that can help you get the most out of every movement and challenge your body like never before. With just 3-5 workouts a week, you can challenge your body and see incredible results.

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I have been training with KRF since October 2015–I initially signed up for a 16 day program, not knowing what to expect or if I would continue. However, I not only saw significant changes in my body during those two weeks, I also started to FEEL better about my body and my overall health. If you have ever considered seeing a personal trainer, KRF is definitely the way to go–cannot say enough good things about KRF–professional, patient, motivating and really listen to you/help you reach your fitness goals, even as they change over time. I actually look forward to every workout. It is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made! You won’t regret it!!

Personal Training River North

Jennifer B.

“A few friends of mine had been seeing Kurt for training sessions for a few months before I finally decided to see what his training was all about. I have been training with Kurt for the last two months and can honestly say that he completely changed my life. I was never the one to have any interest in signing up with a trainer. I come from a fairly decent athletic background and went to the gym anywhere from 3-5 days a week on my own before seeing Kurt. During the time that I started, Kurt had a six week body transformation challange that I had signed up for. I was dead set on just doing the six week program and heading back to the gym on my own once I was done. Within six weeks time, I lost a total of over 11 inches, had so much more energry (than I have ever had in my life), and had obtained the most dedicated trainer I could have ever ask for. I HIGHLY recommend Kurt and wish I would have known about him sooner!”

Personal Training River North

Rachel S.

“Before you skip to the bottom of this review, there’s at least one takeaway you need – Kurt Rawlins Fitness is 6 stars, not 5. I find myself prescribing weightlifting for everyone’s fitness woes, athletic goals and bikini dreams. Need to drop a dress size? Come lift. Remedy for your flabby arms? Come lift. Hate your job and all of your friends? Come lift.

As a former athlete, I’ve played sports all of my life and through college so I’ve never seen the value in hiring a personal trainer or spending crazy amounts of money on ala carte fitness classes like the rest of Chicago. I knew enough to stay fit and continue to compete in running events or recreational sport. The beauty in being an athlete though is that ‘enough’ is never really enough and I needed something to fall in love with again athletically. Kurt’s program has been a complete mental, physical and lifestyle shift for me which says a lot since I’ve always been inclined to activity and working out. Kurt has taught me incredible amounts not only about how fun proper lifting can be but also about my body. He’s given me a new passion for fitness and a hunger to learn and progress every day.

I participated in Kurt’s six week transformation challenge. I stayed dedicated to Kurt’s program and saw myself lose 6 lbs and 4.1% body fat!! That translated into 8 lbs of fat loss with 2 lbs of muscle gained.

I’ve been rescued from the big box gym struggle and now that I have a welcomed place in a room full of weights, I’ll never look back! Except to maybe check out my reflection.

Keep up the good work, Kurt!!”

Personal Training River North

Renee S.

“I’ve been training with KRF for 8 months now and I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve been making. My experience with Kurt has been life changing and has given be a renewed focus on fitness and diet. I was absolutely shocked over the immediate results I noticed within the first few weeks of training with Kurt. More importantly, I’m pleased with the fact that even after 8 months, I don’t feel that I’ve plateaued at all. Yes, I feel stronger, yes I’ve lost weight and yes I have more energy, but let’s be honest, there’s no better feeling than when your clothes no longer fit. I’ve taken all of my work pants to the tailor at least 3x now over 8 months because I keep slimming down. His programs are ever changing so you never get bored and they’re efficient too. Like most others, I have an extremely busy work week and I like that I’m in and out of the gym. I do the semi-private 30-minute sessions, which may seem short, but honestly, I’m absolutely exhausted by the end so you know it was a good workout; way better than running a few miles on the treadmill. I’m an analytical guy (I always have been), it’s a function of my job and has always been a big part of my personality. So trust me when I say, the value and personal wellness you get out of KRF is exponentially more than what you would pay for a gym membership or another personal trainer.”

Personal Training River North

Mark M.

I started at KRF in January and lost over 20 pounds in only 3 months! My wedding was coming up and I hopped on the scale and was the heaviest I’d ever been and was determined to get in better shape before my wedding. KRF kept me motivated, held me accountable and actually made me enjoy working out and pushed me to be in the best shape I’ve been in since high school. What was supposed to be a 3-4 month program has turned into a lifestyle. Couldn’t have done it without Kurt, Cindy & Jeremiah!

Personal Training River North

Nicole P.

Before training with Kurt, I was in need for a change. I had consistently kept myself in decent shape for well over a decade with a mix of distance running, hiking, and moderate resistance workouts but things had gone stale at that time.

I made the decision to sign up for Kurt’s 6 week challenge and I can confidently say from both a fitness and nutrition experience, it was life changing. After the time period was over, I found myself 15 pounds lighter, added noticeable muscle in my arms, chest, back and legs, and lost several inches everywhere.

Kurt was an excellent motivator, smart teacher and coach, and pound for pound just a solid a dude to work out with at 6 AM.

Since I spent time with Kurt I’ve maintained regular interval training, kept a regular intermittent fasting diet, and most importantly have kept the weight off over the months. If it wasn’t for the tools given during the sessions with Kurt, I’d still be in the tall grass.

Personal Training River North

Matt O.

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